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Help us meet our first goal of 40 Chromebooks!  Having these tools will fill an urgent gap in technology and we plan to use these devices as collaborative tools in a reimagined physical space that promotes the critical thinking, inquiry and multidisciplinary discovery required for 21st century graduates. The Chromebook benchmark is the first step toward realizing that broader vision!

About A.P. Giannini

AP Giannini is a large, comprehensive middle school in the Outer Sunset with a diverse population of 1200 students. Traditionally, we have been ranked as a high performing school on academic indices, and as the Common Core has shifted we now align our thinking toward a limitless horizon. In addition to our academically rigorous curriculum, we host a variety of programs in areas like the Visual and Performing Arts, Athletics, Special Education and Wellness. Increasingly, our students are incorporating new technologies and devices into these programs, taking them in new and exciting directions. But we need your help...

Why We Need Your Help

Our students have grown up not only in an all-digital, all-the-time world but also in the heart of the modern technology boom: San Francisco and the Bay Area. And yet, at school, they aren't able to reap the benefits of the renaissance going on around them. Our current technology infrastructure lacks the necessary basics like laptops, and this infrastructure problem is starting to impact our ability to carry out our mission for our students. Because of how underfunded public education is from the federal level on down, we ask for help from the community, our Mayor, and our Circle the Schools partners to raise money for a better tech infrastructure, with a goal of achieving 1:1 device-to-student ratio t at AP Giannini in the by 2016-17 School Year!!!



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