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Help us reach our first goal of a class set of iPads to support our students. Donate now to SparkLearning!

About Our School

Buena Vista Horace Mann (BVHM) is a K-8, two-way Spanish/English immersion school in the heart of the Mission, a vibrant, artistic neighborhood treasured locally and globally. Our neighborhood is full of contradictions… the beauty of our graffiti filled walls pierces visitors with stories of deep struggles and big dreams. Our children are from this neighborhood, walk these streets, and live pushed and pulled by what they know and what is possible. We want our children to see the beauty in and beyond our neighborhood, and we believe access is critical... access to knowledge, to other cultures, to opportunity, and access via technology.

Why We Need your Help

Envision with us:

Treyvon, Filipe, and Shirley sit together, hunched over their iPads, researching electrical conductivity in English and Spanish for their 8th grade science fair projects. In their shared Google folder, they've been collaborating on-line, creating their question and hypothesis, and designing their experiment. They are ready to show their bilingual video to their 6th grade peers; their “explain everything” presentation helps their peers learn more about what will be expected of them as they enter the 7th and 8th grade and inspire them to become scientists too!

BVHM is embarking on a redesign journey... to become the hub where our teachers and students use technology and project based learning to research, write, and share work as a baseline for student success and learning skills critical in college and beyond.

Your gift of 1:1 iPads into Treyvon, Filipe, and Shirley's 8th grade classroom can help them explore the scientific world and become confident in skills necessary to achieve. Help us make this a reality!


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