• 4 Sponsors
  • $5,200 Raised
  • $15,700 Goal
  • 4 Supporters
  • $5,200 of $15,700


Verified 501(c)(3) Non-Profit


Support our school by helping to match Katy Tang's generous contribution to raise $15,700 for 30 chromebooks for our students and help our young minds blossom!

About the School

At Dianne Feinstein Elementary School we are planting the seeds of success in our young minds. Every day, we provide an education that enriches our students both academically, socially and emotionally. We are surrounded by technology in San Francisco and would love to have the opportunity to have access to the technology that surrounds us. As we strive to prepare our students for the skills they need in the 21st Century, we lack the tools we need to make this a reality.


Why We Need Your Help

Our students have an innate curiosity and drive to learn more about everything they can, especially about how technology can be used to solve human problems such as drought, disease and famine. We are a high performing school, we have a diverse group of talented and motivated students who are being taught by an amazing group of inspirational teachers. Our families support us in achieving our goals but community support would take us to the next level. Help us reach our vision of allowing all students and teachers access to the technology that can transform learning throughout the day! We need your help to provide technology and open up the pathways to student success and innovation. Thank you for helping our young minds to blossom!



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