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With 23 classes visiting our computer lab for only 30 minutes once a week, accessibility currently limits students and teachers ability to use the 21st century tools to accelerate learning for students. In order to provide quality opportunities for teachers and students to effectively use programs that allows them to create innovative projects, communicate and collaborate with other students and teachers, and practice their critical thinking skills, we need ample equipment for our school community...We need your help to SparkLearning for all F. S. Key students!

About the School

Our vision is to meet Superintendent Carranza’s goal of creating digital learners for 2025. F. S. Key has committed to technology as a focus for all students that allows them to develop skills and abilities through the use of digital tools. Teachers use the technology we do have effectively as a teaching tool to promote student collaboration and foster critical thinking skills to solve problems and creatively construct projects. With this additional technology, teachers would be able to set up a variety of learning environments including learning stations, partnering or whole class access to digital tools in which technology would be used to differentiate the curriculum to better meet the learning needs of all students in the classroom.

Francis Scott Key has a diverse population of students and staff. Our school is an "Inclusion Community" that provides the least restrictive environment for all students and advocates for the rights of special education students. Almost all classroom communities at our school site include students with Independent Education Plans, English Language Learners, and/or students with emotional difficulties. We are ready! We want to engage our students in project based learning experiences, but we need the digital tools available to us. Help us make our vision a reality.


Why We Need Your Help

As students prepare to become active, global citizens, it is essential that they are provided the means to be ready and confident digital learners. This technology will serve as a medium to prepare students for college, careers, and to become engaged and responsible citizens of the global community. These resources will be used in all content areas throughout the school day so students can work independently, in partnerships, in small group centers, and in whole group activities. Technology supports English language learners and enables students with specialized needs to participate in and access core content areas by helping to provide differentiated instruction. It also empowers children who don't have the means of verbal communication, to be involved in the community and utilize a variety of alternate ways to share and communicate their ideas, knowledge, and experiences. This technology will engage all students and help promote STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) in our classrooms. Using technology on a daily basis will help students become digitally literate and globally connected; preparing them for the Next Generation Science Standards expectations. This technology would not only enrich and provide meaningful access to education, it will help acquire the necessary technological skills that are required in this increasingly digital world.


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