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Help inspire the next generation of innovators at Hoover Middle School by supporting our goal! Your gift will contribute to mobile iPad cases that will give technology access to students across our school.

About the School

Hoover's Dual Language programs in Spanish and Chinese believe that our role is to 1) Empower students through multilingualism 2) promote high levels of cultural competency 3) Cultivate champions for equity and social justice. At Hoover we aim to teach students critical qualities and skills than enable them to meet the Graduate Profile in VISION 2025 as they develop their Global, Local and Digital Identity.

The ability to navigate and engage in a 21st century global society that is more inclusive and interconnected. Students will be "multilingual", gaining exposure to or fluency in other languages that might range from Spanish and Chinese to sign language and computer coding. They will know how to contribute their voices responsibly in all aspects of daily life, from social media to face-to-face communication. They will display an understanding and a respect for different cultures, and possess the ability to connect across racial, cultural and linguistic lines.

Why We Need Your Help

Over 350 of our students at Hoover have two classes a day in either Spanish or Chinese. In math and science, our students are working with iPads and we have seen an increase in student motivation and creativity! Our Immersion students are becoming multilingual citizens of tomorrow and we believe that adding technology into their classrooms will enable them to connect with each other, the subjects they are learning, and with students around the globe. Yet we have a ways to go to get to our goal of 1:1 technology for all kids. We aim to integrate digital technologies to promote: comprehensive literacy; multilingualism; global citizenship; and student voice.

Your support will help us reach our goal!


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