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Support us in getting started towards our technology goals by helping fund one chromebook cart. With your support, ISA can transform our students' lives!

Nia, Ke’yonna, Nailah, and Shania go online on their Chromebooks to check in with their project partners, Julia, Cesar, Javier, and Talia, fellow 10th graders in a partner school in Nicaragua. They are collaborating on a paper analyzing the influence of the Sandinistas though the works of the poet Ernesto Cardenal. The students hope to meet in April when they will be on a joint service learning trip in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua, to help finish the school being built through buildOn (http://www.buildon.org/about/). Part of their assignment is to help select the literature books of the Nicaraguan poets for the schools’ library. Their project must be completed in Spanish and English.

Across the hallway, Mr. Smith leads a Science class in an experiment to determine the best design for supplying water from a single source across 40 acres. Students need to first determine the water needs for the crops in their area of Mali, factor in the available water, and come up with ways to make a sustainable source for the community. The goal is to present their design ideas on their service learning trip to California’s Central Valley.

In order to make projects like these a reality, we need additional 100 Chromebooks to ensure that at any point in the school day, each student will have access to technology while they work at school on their projects.  Help us get started towards this goal by helping us fund one chromebook cart!

About the School

Our vision is to be a school that transforms students’ lives. We do this through our design principles:

* Student-centered learning: Students’ academic mastery comes from a process of discovery, engagement, and their own interests. Teachers coach and support our students to learn through experience and project-based learning.
* Mindset for success: Students have the growth mindset, interpersonal skills, and agency to set them up for success in the 21st century. We take risks and are not afraid to learn from our mistakes or failures.
* Community connections: Students are engaged members of our communities. We celebrate and value the various communities we are part of locally and globally.
* Safe & supportive: ISA is a safe place where students, staff, and families identify and address the needs of our students. We commit resources, time, and intention to building strong ongoing relationships. We trust and support one another to overcome personal challenges, such as trauma, in the pursuit of success.

The essentials at the center of our redesign are the re-imagined classroom, students finding their “sparks” and voices, and creating a truly equitable school district. We believe that if we can innovate strategically and become excellent practitioners – as teachers and as students – of project-based learning and technological integration – we can then become a place for our colleagues across the district to learn with and from.

Our focus students are truly all students, but especially the historically underserved populations (low-SES, African-American, Latino, & Pacific Islander, EL, SpEd) that ISA continues to serve. By moving away from an industrialized, predictive, hierarchical educational model to one in which student choice, discovery, and real-life experience is at the core, we hope to dramatically increase the opportunities available to our students.


Why We Need Your Help

As ISA embarks on this redesign journey, one of the largest barriers for our students is one of access. On average for the last six school years, about seventy percent of our students are qualified for free or reduced lunch. This data point is one that notes how many of our students do not have a computer at home or internet access at home. Thus, our school is often the hub where our students can use technology to research, write, and finish work products necessary to be a successful student. When we become a school fully redesigned and implementing project-based learning, we want to be able to allow any student at any time during the school day, to have access to a computer. Also, as many of our students stay after school to finish work, we want our students to use our school like a 21st century workplace. One-to-one computing will ensure our students have access to success in the classroom and beyond.



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