Ignite Students' Passion for Literacy and Learning at Jean Parker

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Help us raise $25,000 to ignite a passion for reading: Imagine a school where our youngest readers have access to technology to enhance their reading from the day they set foot in our school! 


About Jean Parker

At Jean Parker Elementary, we believe that all students can learn and maximize their full potential to be the next generation of literate, innovative, technology adroit, critical thinkers. Our vision is to ignite every student's passion for learning and develop their love for reading, the foundation of academic success and life-long discovery and achievement.

Why We Need Your Help

Our students come from a diverse cultural and linguistic background. Many of our students are English learners who are newly exposed to this intriguing yet complex language. It is important that students develop a strong foundation in early literacy skills and find success and passion for early reading. By incorporating the use of iPads as a technological tool, it will not only enhance students' interest but also ignite their passion as life-long learners. Developing a strong foundation of early literacy skills is the gateway to academic prowess and personal and communal achievement and success.


With your help, we can purchase 30 new ipads that will be dedicated to ensuring that our first graders and kindergarteners can start using technology loaded with engaging applications that our scholars can use to develop important early literacy skills. With your help, even our youngest students will be proficent not only in reading but in navigating the technology they need to get to and through college. 

Launch students on a journey of infinite posibilities through the love of literacy and technology by expanding our iPad investment

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