Help Fund Computers and WiFi Access for Students at a June Jordan School for Equity

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 Your donation will support us in purchasing 30 chromebooks and 20 wireless wall mounts... Thank you for helping our students succeed!

Khaila is often seen head down and focused on her cell phone. However it is more likely she is working on a paper for class than checking social media. Like more than 95% of our students, she does not have access to her own computer at home. Due to lack of computer access at both school and home, students too often are hand writing essays. If they are lucky, they are bent over their cracked screen smart phone to type out a three to five page essay. This technology funding is a critical investment in educational equity to students denied access to twenty first century technologies. It will allow the Humanities teachers to have an entire class of students working on literature projects online at the same time. Currently half the class is often kicked off the WiFi units since these units cannot support a couple dozen students at the same time. With greater access, our students will learn to type efficiently, organize, revise and share their writing. They will be able to collaborate with their peers and teachers in order to complete research projects, presentations, theater pieces and creative writing.


About June Jordan School for Equity

As a school for social justice serving a largely working-class, Latino and African-American student population, the mission of JJSE is not just to prepare students for college, but also to prepare our graduates to be agents of positive change in the world. Learn more at


Why We Need Your Help

Technology funding is a critical investment in educational equity. Our school has weathered many years of budget cuts while managing to keep class size below 30 students and also maintain vital programs such as the college access program. We need your support in order to invest in the necessary technology to help prepare our students with the skills needed for college and 21st century jobs.




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