Create STEAM Leaders for the 21st Century at Lafayette Elementary School!

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As Lafayette Elementary School moves forward with the Reading and Writing Project, a set of iPads in each of the K-2 classrooms will help students develop reading and writing fluency while building 21st century technology skills. Help us give students access to technology throughout the school day!

About Our School

Lafayette School provides a comprehensive curriculum that stresses academic excellence for our diverse student population. We are a neighborhood school in the Outer Richmond serving the community since 1909. In addition to general education students, there are students representing many diverse language groups, gifted and talented education students and students with special needs. We are also one of the magnet schools for pre-k through fifth grade hearing impaired students.

Why We Need Your Help

Lafayette will create environments in which learning is student-centered, giving students maximum opportunities for academic conversations with their peers. Teachers will create lessons that have open-ended responses in order to differentiate learning and meet the students at their educational levels. Lafayette will focus on using technology to reinforce learning and enhance curriculum as we prepare students for STEAM careers in the 21st century.

With increased access to technology, our students will be able to create innovative projects, effectively communicate and collaborate with other students and teachers, and develop strong critical thinking skills, all of which are necessary skills to have in the 21st century workplace. iPads will be a tool to support learning through fluency reading with the Explain Everything app, whiteboard lessons in Educreations, and storytelling through iMovie. Students will also be able to develop coding skills with Scratch Jr. The possibilities are endless!

Currently, our K-5th grade students are often consumers of technology, participating mainly in skills based learning games. We would like to expand their technology skills to become creative producers of projects they can share with others and be proud of! Having access to innovative technologies will move our students' technology use from the current substitution model towards modification and redefinition of their learning. Students will be able to comfortably use these technology as a tools for everyday learning just as they use a pencil and paper daily.



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