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This campaign will be used to purchase one iPad cart containing 30 tablets to make our students unstoppable learners. Your contribution will help Stevenson's students participate in the transformation in learning and bring the school into the 21st century!

About the School

Stevenson Elementary is in San Francisco, a city with one of the lowest unemployment rates and highest income levels in the country.  However, over 50% of Stevenson's students are from families that are low income and qualify for free or government subsidized lunches and  40% are English learners.  Technology in our classrooms can help our students continue on Stevenson's tradition of overcoming the odds.

Why We Need Your Help

Stevenson’s teachers have found that when properly utilized, digital learning tools enable teachers to differentiate instruction for each student, deepen students’ learning and boosts their creativity and critical thinking skills in many subject areas.

Lower income children who are doing without need a chance. Our teachers, endowed with the technology made possible by your donation, will have the ability give under-priviledged students the edge that they need.  Technology in students’ hands can make them unstoppable learners, close the achievement gap and erase away any existing social-economic imbalance in their lives and the communities around them.

Someday, we’ll all learn this way. Help us keep pace with the rest of the world with a donation. Thank you for contributing to our campaign!

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