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About the School

The core mission of New Traditions is to emphasize Creative Arts, originating as one of SFUSD's first Alternative (Magnet) Schools.  The district recently phased out most of these city-wide magnet schools and eliminated bus transportation for families who do not live near the school, in a transition to a new "neighborhood schools" model. New Traditions continues to define itself as a creative arts school, with robust programs in visual arts such as ceramics, and performing arts such as vocal and instrumental music and ballet.

A series of events has resulted in a funding crisis for technology at New Traditions.  A private foundation that had provided annual substantial support for media arts was reorganized and withdrew its support. The changing demographics from the district's neighborhood schools model resulted in the school losing its Title-1 funding, which had been used in part to support the technology program, and which had allowed the school to apply for technology grants. Currently most PTA funds are needed to pay for two arts consultants.  As a result, almost no PTA funds have been available for technology over the past several years, and very little district funding has been made available for this purpose.

New Traditions’ recent quality surveys from faculty, staff, and parents, have consistently listed technology and communications as needing improvement. Only a few  years ago, most classrooms were using a single donated refurbished computer, many of which were literally held together with duct tape.  Teachers did not have reliable workstations or laptops or printer access, and wireless networking was not installed.  The school Library/Media-Center workstations from the foundation had been distributed to classrooms, and the remaining number was so small that only half a class could be served at one time, and on older imacs that were not supported by the district. As a result, technology integration into instruction and student computer access was very low.


Why We Need Your Help

Your donation to the technology program will allow the PTA to continue to focus its fundraising on arts. The basic infrastructure design calls for each classroom to have a mini-lab to allow students to work on computers during the day (4 computers in grades K-3, and 5 computers in grades 4-5). Each classroom will also have a laser printer and a teacher laptop.  In  addition, each classroom will have a document camera and projector which is capable of providing interactivity during whole-class instruction.  Each classroom will also have a minimum of six hours per week of access to a class set of student laptops.  A projector, document camera, and access to student laptops will also be provided to the Librarian/Media teacher during the days he/she is on site. This basic infrastructure is needed to allow students to do the kinds of 21st Century work in the collaborative context required by the Common Core State Standards, and to prepare for and take online assessments such as the SBAC.

Efforts to establish this basic technology infrastructure were started three years ago, but have moved slowly.  To complete the basic infrastructure the following equipment purchases are needed.  Note that each of the purchases is identified in a phased sequence (reflecting staff priority surveys) and will be purchased when and if funding for that phase has been achieved through this portal. Phase 1: eight classroom Elmo document cameras and seven projector mounts with cabling for classrooms that do not have those ($6,188.91); Phase 2: ten HP laptops to complete the K-1 cart ($6,128.16); and Phase 3: 14 classroom workstation computers, of which 5 will be high-speed computers capable of supporting advanced multimedia projects (such as video editing) in grades 3-5 ($13,682.93).


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