Inspire Passionate Critcial Thinkers at Sunset Elementary School!

SparkLearning: Inspire the Next Generation of Innovators

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  • $25,000 Goal
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Verified 501(c)(3) Non-Profit


Bring the breadth of literature, math and science to more students by expanding our iPad and chromebook investment! Invest today and help us reach our first goal of $25,000 to inspire passionate critical thinkers.

About the School

At Sunset Elementary,  we believe in the potential of all our students to be the next generation of creative, technologically savvy and critical thinkers.  Our students learn from various modalities and technology allows us to implement those modalities easily and seamlessly.


Why We Need Your Help

We have found most of our students engage quicker and longer when they are using technology.   Our teachers have a strong practice of integrating tech into classroom learning, but we feel we can do better - by ensuring all students have the freedom to access a wider range of information than we can currently afford to offer in traditional classrooms.  Invest today & help us accelerate our initiative to inspire passionate critical thinkers.


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