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You contribution wil help us fund iPads for our students to learn to read and write, and develop the important 21st century skills they need to thrive the San Francisco of today and tommorow. Contribute now to SparkLearning!

About Ulloa

At Ulloa, we create a unique learning environment committed to educating the whole child. In addition to a strong academic program, our dedicated and experienced staff creates a safe and nurturing environment in which children can confidently build the intellectual, emotional and physical skills necessary to become a life-long learner. For the next two years, we will be focusing on the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum and to stimulate student engagement, every classroom at Ulloa from grades Kindergarten through fifth grade will be equipped with an interactive Promethean Board to create the 21st century classrooms.  Our goal is to gear our students with essential skills for the 21st century! Beyond academic successes, we offer our students classes in gardening, physical education, instrumental/choral music, dance, computer and arts education. To build a global citizen, we also offer a Chinese biliteracy program in the K- 4th grade classes. Our students are provided with a learning environment in which they may thrive and strive towards college readiness. We are the gem of the Sunset!

Why We Need your Help

In our work to meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards, as well as the shifts outlined in Vision 2025, staff members at Ulloa have been immersed in professional development like Writers Workshop focusing on accelerating students the use of academic language. From this, we have identified our biggest area of need- our English Learner (EL) students, Ulloa's largest subgroup population; our EL students have a difficult time brainstorming ideas and synthesizing information when confronted with writing assignments. The inability to rattle off ideas, prioritize them, and sequence them to form paragraphs have hampered the development and coherence of their writing. While some of this can be remedied with the use of existing tools in the classroom, we are looking for strategies that can best meet our EL students’ needs. 

We have seen the power of voice to text features and translation features on an iPad and are confident that this would be ideal to capture critical ideas which can be then used in formulating writing. Students would have the ability to first orally record their ideas, including in their native language, and later have it as a reference when writing. Additionally, they would have hand-held devices in which they could look up vocabulary or search for images of unknown vocabulary instantly. At their fingertips, they would have a resource that keeps them engaged and supports their English language acquisition. We believe this tool is a key to success for even with our most limited ELs. 

Help us bring the power of technology to our classrooms and support Ulloa students! 



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